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A huge Thank you

This post is different from the others because instead of giving some advice, I'm actually going to thank all of my hardworking clients.  We all have busy lifestyles with homes to run, spouses that need us, children that need us and jobs that sometimes require more than the 9-5 schedule.  I just want everyone to know that even with all of these things and sometimes more going on, my clients are dedicated and come to work hard at every class.   We have made so many friends and bonds that extend far past the Karved Bodies walls!  We all motivate, encourage and push each other everyday to get our workouts in, stay on top of our nutrition and  laugh with us when we occasionally go off track.  This is exactly what my vision was when I began this adventure many years ago!  I never wanted a new person to walk in and feel that they were not welcome because there were "clicks".  So today I take this time to thank you all for helping me love what I do and who I get to do it with!  I never thought that after working during the day, I would enjoy going back to work in the late afternoons until early evening.  I never pictured myself excited to work out on a Sunday morning with such a great group.  I hope that we can add to our increasing Karved family with some new friends.  From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Karved Family for making my dream come true!

Pound out fat!!!

Since I have added the Pound.Rockout.Workout to my schedule, I have seen an amazing increase in new members!  Sometimes when people hear the word "Bootcamp", they automatically begin to panic and think that you have to be an elite athlete to complete a session.  By incorporating Pound into my schedule which is a great fat and calorie burning workout with low impact moves using weighted drumsticks, people get to see that you can get a great workout without constantly jumping or lifting heavy weights.  Bootcamp can be done the same way and people who stay for a session after Pound get to experience that Bootcamp isn't as scary as it sounds!  While we do use weights and sometimes we jump or use high impact moves in Bootcamp, there are plenty of low impact and lower intensity options which still provide a great workout!  So if you haven't tried a Pound or Bootcamp session with us yet, you must come in and see for yourself!  Pound has been recently seen on the View and also the tv series "This is us".  If you haven't seen the workout and would like to view it before coming in, please check out you tube for brief videos of some of the tracks!  Hope to see you soon!!

No time to be healthy

I so often hear people say that they don't have time to either workout or to track their nutrition.  This statement does not really work for me .  When someone comes to me for training or for nutrition, I always advise them that they have to be in it because they want to look and feel better.  A healthy lifestyle will not work if your doctor, partner or friends are the reason you "have to become healthier".  Getting back at a boyfriend or girlfriend or trying to make them jealous will not work.  Doing it because you want people to think you workout is another huge recipe for disaster.  You have to have your mind clear about goals that you want in order for any plan to work.  The more you stress about it because it isn't what you want, the less the results you will get.  I am very upfront and honest with my clients, which many have become great friends.  However, they know that when it comes to nutrition plans or training, friendship has to take a step back and I become their motivator and excuses do not fly with me.  I have always worked more than one job along with having a husband, children and a dog.  I own another business which I actively participate in as well.  Am I telling you this to brag?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!  I tell this to you and everyone that works with me because I know there is always time in the day to do your body  and your mind good!  This is important when you are looking for a Certified trainer or nutritionist.  Do you want someone who coddles you and accepts excuses while you are paying good money with no results?  I don't think anyone has that kind of money to just throw around.  I love what I do and I love when my clients get the results they were hoping for.  Make sure your trainer is someone who is certified in both nutrition and personal training as these need to go hand in hand and make sure they want you to reach your goals and not just take your money and accept excuses for not staying on track!  

Surviving the cold

Well, it seems that we have finally started our winter, well at least in Rochester!  My first piece of advice is to always put your safety first!!!  Believe me I know how addicting it can be to workout, however if you do not feel safe driving to your fitness center, don't!!  You not only put yourself in jeopardy, but also anyone else on the road.  Secondly, make sure you are still warming up before and stretching out after your workouts.  It might seem easier to just get in and get out quickly and maybe the car will still be warm....lol!  You can really injure yourself, especially your spine and that will really set you back.  You don't have to warm up for a long time, just enough to get the blood flowing and allow those muscles to loosen up so they will be ready to work.
Another point that I want to make is that just because you can't get to the gym, you can still maintain your nutrition.  Nutrition is a huge part in reaching your fitness goals, even more than the workout itself, so remember just because you can't get to your workout, if you stay on track with your healthy eating habits, you will not do any harm until you can get back at it!  Sometimes the best thing for your body is some rest to allow those muscles to recover, grow and get stronger!   

Stay warm and stay safe!!!!

Christmas stress

Christmas can be a great time of year spent with family and friends that we don't normally get to see because of distance or just plain hectic schedules.  It can also be a very stressful time of year if you are trying to maintain your weight during the holidays.  Quite honestly, if you are trying to lose weight during this season, it is going to add much more stress and disappointment which will eventually lead you to unnecessary weight gain and possibly a large setback starting out the New Year!  There is no reason that you cannot enjoy your holidays, with as little stress and weight gain as possible.  Here are a couple of tips:

1> Don't deprive yourself of holiday treats.  This will probably lead to binge eating and going way overboard.  Allow yourself to try your favorites.

2> Don't forget to exercise during the holidays.  Maybe the gym is closed but that doesn't mean you can't do a quick 15-20 min circuit on your own.  Maybe on Christmas Eve morning and/or Christmas Day morning after you tear open those packages.

3> Behave all week leading up to the holiday so you can have a "cheat" day.

4> Remember to drink plenty of water to help flush out the excess salt that you might be consuming.

5> Most importantly is to continue with your regular exercise regimen as you have been doing and STAY OFF THE SCALE!  What many people don't realize is that excess salt causes water retention and a false gain on the scale.  Not only can it be very upsetting to see those numbers inflated, sometimes people tend to "throw in the towel" thinking that they have no chance.  This is so false!  Enjoy your holiday, your family and the good food that you try to stay away from the rest of the year.  I promise when you come to Boot Camp, I will help you get back on track and feeling better for the New Year!!!!!

End of the summer could be the beginning of your new journey

If you are struggling to decide what to do now that summer is winding down and you aren't sure if you should just wait until after the holidays to start fresh or jump into a program now, you can always contact me for some answers.  I will be running  a special soon for Boot Camp sessions through Living Social to help minimize the cost to be healthy.  Why not start and get in great shape now, then the holidays won't be so stressful trying to be good or deprive yourself?  

You owe it to yourself to dedicate a small part of your day to your health and well being.  Who knows you may even meet some new friends and look forward to coming in to work out with them!!!

Summer is in full swing but there is still time for summer shredding

Even though we are halfway through our summer does not mean you have blown another year and can't be on your way to a healthy lifestyle!  Time does fly and it is hard sometimes to find that time to dedicate to your own personal needs.   Ask yourself these questions: Aren't you worth it?  Don't you deserve to be healthy?  Don't you agree that the healthier you are the better you will be able to perform even your day to day activities?  Care for your families and most of all, perform your job at your best?  Finding a motivated, knowledgeable, experienced trainer is the key.  The worst thing is going into a gym or fitness center for the first time and not having a clue which body parts you should be working, how much rest, how many sets etc... Do your research and find someone who is going to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals!  Make sure they are licensed in both fitness and nutrition as these go hand in hand.   ASk friends and check out their websites and Facebook pages to see what clients are saying.  Are they getting results?  If you have friends or co-workers who have been going consistently to a gym or fitness center and they haven't seen any changes, is that somewhere you want to be?  I'm guessing it's not!  Nobody has time  or money to waste on something that doesn't work.  I promise I can help you as long as you are ready to help yourself!  The hardest part is getting started but I guarantee if you come and try a FREE Boot camp session, you will be back and ready to reach those goals!!!!!!!

A New Year beginning

As many of us look forward to a New Year either because 2014 didn't bring you what you had hoped or you just look forward to a new beginning, you have to reflect on the past 12 months and see where you were and where you would like to be.  While this holds true for any life goals, I'm more specifically directing this towards your healthy lifestyle goals.  

Once the year starts to wind down around Thanksgiving many people feel that since their goals weren't reached by then, it is ok to give up and start fresh.  If this approach works for you and you are happy with where you are, then you are in the small percentage of the population.   You can see the fitness centers slowing down, the class sizes drop and then BOOM...January hits and everyone is motivated and ready to take on new challenges and start fresh!  Things move along quite nicely and then it seems like the end of February and beginning of March, things start to slow down again???  So for my final blog of 2014, I ask you:  As a trainer and nutritionist, what are some ideas and things that will help keep you motivated all through the year?  If you are someone who throws in the towel mid-year, why is that?  Do you need more variety with your workouts?  More help with nutrition so you can really start making a change?  I know sometimes it is hard to share your thoughts in public, so if you would rather, please visit my Karved Bodies Fitness page on Facebook and inbox me your responses.  This will not only help me keep my clients motivated, but it will help you stay motivated and possibly see changes and reach goals this year like never before.

In closing, I just want to wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year and I hope that whatever your 2015 brings, it will be one that makes you happy!!!

When can I expect to reach my fitness and nutrition goal?

A question I get from many clients looking to begin their fitness lifestyle is: "how long will it take me to lose x number of lbs".  The answer to this question vary from person to person.  Everyone has a different body type, metabolism speed etc.. some people can begin a program of healthy eating and exercise and notice changes within a month, others may be doing the exact same regimen and not see any improvement for 2-3 months.  The point is you must find what works for your individual body.  You must also be dedicated to your program and know that it does take some time and dedication just like anything else.  Once you get used to a healthier lifestyle, it will become second nature and not feel like a chore.  You should start to see and feel the results within a couple of months.  I'm not saying you will reach your goal in such short time, however, if you are following your trainer's program and nutrition plan, you should not be the same in 5-6mos as when you started.  If you are, I would question your trainer.  Find a Certified trainer and Nutritionist that can design a plan specifically for you.  Make sure you ask questions about their qualifications.    Talk and see some of their clients to see how they are doing with their programs.   Know that the results that you achieve will be well worth the effort that it takes and when you hire a trainer, make sure it is someone who will be dedicated to your goals and not too busy focusing on their own.  It should be a partnership and you should be able to contact them for questions, advice or just encouragement if you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.  If you don't feel comfortable enough to ask questions or feel like you are bothering your trainer, this is probably not someone who is going to help you achieve your goals.   

Proper fuel for warm weather workouts

Many people are still under the misconception that you must starve yourself to lose weight.  While you do need to create a caloric deficit in order to lose weight, this only means that you need to know what your body actually needs in calories to run normal everyday functions along with the calories you need for your personal exercise regimen.  Only then can you safely reduce your caloric intake to lose those unwanted pounds and inches.  How can you get this information?  By seeking out a Certified Sports Nutritionist.   Finding diets on the internet or asking your friend or co-worker what they are doing to lose weight can not only end badly for you in terms of possibly gaining weight, but too few calories can result in serious health problems.  If you are working out in conditions where it is warm, you definitely need to be eating enough quality whole foods including carbohydrates and fat so that your body will have enough energy for you to not only complete your workout but help you achieve your goals to increase your strength and cardio endurance levels.  Another very important factor is water intake.  You must make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, not just during your workout either, before and after as well.  If your body is dehydrated, you will feel sluggish and won't be able to perform your workouts correctly.  Water will also help you rid your body of unwanted toxins  that we consume daily, which will aide in your weight loss/fat loss plan and since it is available to you at no cost, it is the best cleanse and cheapest you can get!  Remember these factors when you begin your plan to live a healthy lifestyle and as always contact someone with credentials to back them up!!!
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