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Proper fuel for warm weather workouts

Many people are still under the misconception that you must starve yourself to lose weight.  While you do need to create a caloric deficit in order to lose weight, this only means that you need to know what your body actually needs in calories to run normal everyday functions along with the calories you need for your personal exercise regimen.  Only then can you safely reduce your caloric intake to lose those unwanted pounds and inches.  How can you get this information?  By seeking out a Certified Sports Nutritionist.   Finding diets on the internet or asking your friend or co-worker what they are doing to lose weight can not only end badly for you in terms of possibly gaining weight, but too few calories can result in serious health problems.  If you are working out in conditions where it is warm, you definitely need to be eating enough quality whole foods including carbohydrates and fat so that your body will have enough energy for you to not only complete your workout but help you achieve your goals to increase your strength and cardio endurance levels.  Another very important factor is water intake.  You must make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, not just during your workout either, before and after as well.  If your body is dehydrated, you will feel sluggish and won't be able to perform your workouts correctly.  Water will also help you rid your body of unwanted toxins  that we consume daily, which will aide in your weight loss/fat loss plan and since it is available to you at no cost, it is the best cleanse and cheapest you can get!  Remember these factors when you begin your plan to live a healthy lifestyle and as always contact someone with credentials to back them up!!!

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition for your body is key to getting the results that you desire. There are so many different goals that each client wants to achieve.   So why is it that so many trainers put people on the same nutrition plan????  The answer is simple, they have no nutrition knowledge or certification in this field.  Just because someone has been certified as a personal trainer does not mean they are certified in nutrition.  Before you invest in someone who you assume should know about nutrition, make sure you find out if they are certified in nutrition and where they received their certification from.  You also have to look at the trainer and see if they look like someone who knows about nutrition.  After all, you wouldn't go to a hair stylist with bad hair would you?  You wouldn't buy skin care products from someone with undesirable skin?  Why should  nutrition be any different?  The answer is it shouldn't.  Remember that you are an individual and should be treated like one.  You can look on line and pick out a picture of an athlete and decide that is your goal physique and you might even want to follow their sample diet, but does that mean it is going to work for you?  It doesn't.  Bring that information to a qualified person and make sure they put together a plan that is designed for your needs and goals.  They should be knowledgeable in how certain nutrients work in your body and they should know enough about what your body style can and cannot produce.  Clients are walking billboards for us certified trainers and certified nutritionists.  Each client should be worked with individually and honesty.  If your trainer is more concerned about your wallet than your results or they put you on a diet that your body would never be able to maintain long term, move on to someone who does care about your results and you will begin to see and feel a difference.  

Is it important to have a goal set?

When you begin any workout plan  it is very common to walk into a gym and just start going from machine to machine without really knowing sets, reps, techniques etc... This is why many people don't stick to their New Year's Resolution to get into shape.  If we don't see results, we assume that those that are muscular or leaner are genetic freaks.  What we must remember is that everyone is made up differently and trying to follow someone else's program might not work for our body style.  Having a goal set prior to beginning a workout plan is absolutely necessary in order to succeed, however the catch is that is has to be your goal.  What is it that you would like to accomplish and when?  Be realistic in your goal and time frame.  Are you hoping to run your first race this summer?  Would you like to step on stage in a bodybuilding or figure competition for the first time?  Maybe your goal is to lose 10 lbs and lean up so you can grab your bikini and feel comfortable in it instead of wrapping a towel around your waist all summer.

These are things to think about so that you can reach that goal and then set a new goal in order to motivate yourself to continue with a healthy exercise and nutrition program.  It is not going to happen overnight but I promise if you talk with someone who is knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and can help you set up a program that will work for you, you will not fail!  

Getting started from scratch is the hardest part but the sooner you get started, the sooner you will reach your goal and the happier you will be.  

What excuses are you using?

Whenever there is something in life that we should be doing for our benefit but also requires some energy on our part, the easiest thing to do is make excuses right?  "I don't have time", "I don't know what I'm doing", "I'm afraid I'll get hurt", "It's too expensive".  Sound familiar?  These are common excuses that are just that, excuses!  The last comment about the expense is my biggest pet peeve.  Fitness and healthy eating are not nearly as expensive as medications and Doctor's visits when you don't feel well and your body isn't functioning.  Think about it, when you take care of your car and it runs at top performance, it's really not that expensive (accept for gas of course, lol).  However, take that same car and ignore the oil light or the maintain engine light and what happens?  The bills for service and parts climb higher and higher.  Your body is just like your car, if you maintain it on a constant basis, you can enjoy life and enjoy having a few extra dollars in your pocket.  There are so many programs out there to get you started if you are uncomfortable walking into a gym or even one of my Boot Camp sessions.  But I will say from being a beginner myself many years ago, there is nothing like the encouragement of working with a group of motivated individuals who are working towards the same goals as you!  And who knows, you might even meet a new friend or two in the process..I know I have!  I am always available for questions on fitness, nutrition or my personal training or Boot Camp sessions, but you have to reach out and want it for yourself!!!! 

Waiting until the New Year

I hear so many people and read alot regarding people waiting until after the New Year to start an exercise program or even just begin eating healthier.  While I love hearing that people want to get healthy, I disagree with waiting for after a holiday of splurging.  If you start now, you will have some results before the holidays which will not only make you happier during the season of stress and rushing, but you will be more conscious in your food and drink choices, making it much easier to shed only a couple of pounds vs. several and even double digit pounds.  You certainly don't have to starve yourself and you never should, however you can begin to workout maybe 1-2 days/week and try giving up one food that you know you shouldn't be eating.  You will start to feel better instantly which will help you increase your exercise regimen and increase your healthy eating habits.  Living healthy is something that you should be able to do day after day, month after month and year after year, not a fast or starvation program that gives you results for 2 weeks and then ends up setting you back to a worse position than before.  Choose programs wisely and talk to someone that knows Nutrition and exercise before you invest in an expensive program that has no research to back it.  

So many myths

Unfortunately there are so many myths regarding proper exercises, programs and nutrition.  It is very hard for people to know who and what to believe, in this business I have found in a short period of time that everybody thinks they are an expert and while something may work for someone, it might not work for another.  I spend a number of hours researching and even trying programs and nutrition changes just to see what works and what doesn't for myself and my clients.  You may not have the time to research on your own or even know what you are supposed to be looking for.  This is where I can help you.  Not only am I certified in Personal Training and Metabolic Resistance Conditioning, but I also have a certification in Sports Nutrition.    I'm not saying that just because I have certifications that makes me an expert or anyone with a certification for that matter.  You need to make sure that your trainer or nutritionist is doing their research and keeping up with what is best for you as an individual!

Does it matter what I eat since I workout

Many people think that because they workout, they don't have to worry about a poor diet.  Now when I say diet, I don't mean starving yourself or depriving yourself of anything.   When you forbid yourself from something it usually ends up in you wanting it even more.  While nutrition is extremely important for everyone looking to build lean muscle, tone muscle and lose weight, you need to enlist the help of someone that is qualified to put you on the right path.  There are so many programs out there that promise you will lose weight and usually they work for awhile but then since they are not specifically designed for your particular body, you begin to hit a plateau because your nutrition needs change  as your body changes.  Just like when you workout, after awhile your body begins to hit a wall if you continue with the same workout all the time.  Finding someone qualified in nutrition can help put you on a path to succeed.  You have to be as picky about your nutritionist as you are with your personal trainer.   There is nothing wrong with interviewing a Certified Trainer or Sports Nutritionist and asking for references from past or present clients.  Hiring someone to help you that has no credible references will probably not get you the results that you want.  

which program is right for you

The number one complaint I hear all of the time about why people don't stick to a workout is boredom.  There are so many different workout programs out there, you just have to try them and find the one that fits your lifestyle and one that is going to get you to your goal!  Remember what might not have worked for a friend, family member or co-worker might just end up being your favorite workout.  It doesn't mean you have to give up your friends, just give yourself to join some new ones with the same interests and fitness goals that might help you stay on track!  Enjoy this long weekend!!!!!!

Starting a healthy lifestyle

So many people always ask if it is too late to start working out, and my answer is very cliche' "it is never too late".  Maybe cliche' but so true.  Starting a healthy lifestyle is very scary sometimes because it means change.  Just remember change is good and when it comes to taking care of your body, inside and out, it is better than good.  We take very little time for ourselves these days with work, kids and so many other things, but if we don't care of ourselves, we are in no position to take care of anyone else.  The hardest part about starting a workout program is walking through the door, once you do, you will never look back!  I promise!!

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