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Does it matter what I eat since I workout

Many people think that because they workout, they don't have to worry about a poor diet.  Now when I say diet, I don't mean starving yourself or depriving yourself of anything.   When you forbid yourself from something it usually ends up in you wanting it even more.  While nutrition is extremely important for everyone looking to build lean muscle, tone muscle and lose weight, you need to enlist the help of someone that is qualified to put you on the right path.  There are so many programs out there that promise you will lose weight and usually they work for awhile but then since they are not specifically designed for your particular body, you begin to hit a plateau because your nutrition needs change  as your body changes.  Just like when you workout, after awhile your body begins to hit a wall if you continue with the same workout all the time.  Finding someone qualified in nutrition can help put you on a path to succeed.  You have to be as picky about your nutritionist as you are with your personal trainer.   There is nothing wrong with interviewing a Certified Trainer or Sports Nutritionist and asking for references from past or present clients.  Hiring someone to help you that has no credible references will probably not get you the results that you want.  
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