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My Biography

My name is Kristine Maio-Sandman.  I am certified in personal training (Master Level), Sports Nutrition, Pound Rockout Workout and Metabolic Resistance Group fitness instruction.  Fitness has always been a huge part of my life.  Helping people live healthy by eating properly and exercising correctly is the main focus for my Karved Bodies Fitness business. 
I have worked with many people that begin a program but do not stick to it because they get bored or have no motivation.  Karved Bodies programs invite people to work in a group with other individuals with the same goals and determination.  I spend a lot of time researching exercises and putting together programs that work every muscle to exhaustion through strength and cardio.  My programs are designed for every age group and fitness level so that each individual can achieve their own personal fitness goals.  Check out my event page for Boot Camp session days and times.  Personal one to one training sessions are also offered for people who would like instruction in a more private setting.   Initial consultations are free and involve putting together a specific nutrition and exercise plan that is tailored specifically for your body. 
Small group sessions are offered as well.  These small groups allow you to exercise with a few people (3-5) as opposed to a large class.  This helps people who are new to fitness and are not ready  to participate in a class setting.  This allows me to give you more personalized attention and instruction while still being able to work with a group of motivated people, who are also looking to accomplish their goals!
I believe that everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible.  I can help you see and feel the results that you want!  I do not believe in pushing the bar, I believe in setting it up high and climbing over it!
Contact me anytime you are ready to get into the best shape of your life!

Kristine Maio-Sandman
Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Sports Nutritionist/AdvoCare Distributor-ID 120929868


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