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When can I expect to reach my fitness and nutrition goal?

A question I get from many clients looking to begin their fitness lifestyle is: "how long will it take me to lose x number of lbs".  The answer to this question vary from person to person.  Everyone has a different body type, metabolism speed etc.. some people can begin a program of healthy eating and exercise and notice changes within a month, others may be doing the exact same regimen and not see any improvement for 2-3 months.  The point is you must find what works for your individual body.  You must also be dedicated to your program and know that it does take some time and dedication just like anything else.  Once you get used to a healthier lifestyle, it will become second nature and not feel like a chore.  You should start to see and feel the results within a couple of months.  I'm not saying you will reach your goal in such short time, however, if you are following your trainer's program and nutrition plan, you should not be the same in 5-6mos as when you started.  If you are, I would question your trainer.  Find a Certified trainer and Nutritionist that can design a plan specifically for you.  Make sure you ask questions about their qualifications.    Talk and see some of their clients to see how they are doing with their programs.   Know that the results that you achieve will be well worth the effort that it takes and when you hire a trainer, make sure it is someone who will be dedicated to your goals and not too busy focusing on their own.  It should be a partnership and you should be able to contact them for questions, advice or just encouragement if you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.  If you don't feel comfortable enough to ask questions or feel like you are bothering your trainer, this is probably not someone who is going to help you achieve your goals.   

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